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How to Prevent Pet Shedding

By March 20, 2018 March 2nd, 2020 No Comments

You love your pets, but unwanted fur all over the house or on your furniture can be frustrating. While hair shedding is a natural process for all dogs and cats, preventing or controlling shedding is a common concern for most pet owners.

What causes shedding?

Natural hair shedding is controlled by hormonal changes, and those changes are affected by daylight. Indoor pets shed more lightly and regularly throughout the year because their body temperature remains constant and controlled. If your dog or cat spends time outside, you’ll likely notice increased shedding in the spring and winter.

As we enter spring and more daylight hours, your pets shed their heavy winter coat for a lighter summer coat. When we transition to shorter days in the fall, many dogs and cats shed their summer coats for a heavier, protective coat that will keep them warm during the winter.

How much shedding is normal?

The amount of normal shedding varies by breed. Dogs with heavy undercoats, such as the Alaskan Husky, Australian Shepherd, and Golden Retriever, will shed the most. These double-coated breeds typically shed their undercoats every spring and fall, and shed their topcoat once a year.

Single-coated dog breeds, such as the Maltese, Poodle, and Wheaten Terrier, tend to shed in small amounts throughout the year. Similarly, double-coated cat breeds like the Norwegian Forest and the Persian will shed more fur than single-coated cat breeds such as the British Shorthair and the Siamese.

Pets may also shed from poor nutrition, allergies, stress, injury, or trauma, so keep an eye on your pet and be sure to give us a call if you notice any unhealthy hair shedding, skin irritation, or a dull and thinning coat.

How can I help control hair shedding?

Brushing your cat or dog helps remove and catch loose fur before it lands on your floor or sofa, and scheduled bathing helps remove much of the loose hair during shedding season.

At the clinic, we offer the HydroSurge® professional bathing system, which is like a massage for your pet and designed to keep your pet’s coat comfortable and healthy. Keep your house fur-free through regular grooming—set up an appointment with our Master Groomers today.

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