Advanced Care

In House Laboratory and Digital Imaging

Our complete in-house lab gives us rapid point of care abilities when we’re treating sick or injured pets, and equips us to thoroughly evaluate every surgical case prior to anesthesia. Ultrasound technology, often used together with digital X-rays, allows for high quality, non-invasive imaging of the abdomen and chest. Ultrasound can accurately diagnose heart disease, liver disease, bladder stones, and more.

Surgical Services

Our doctors provide all types of soft tissue and orthopedic surgical services from our state-of-the-art, AAHA-accredited hospital. If your pet requires surgery, our doctors will present you with all aspects of the surgery and go over all available options.

Advanced Dentistry

From ultrasonic scaling and periodontal cleaning to dental surgery, our team provides dedicated monitoring, safe anesthesia, and charting of each tooth to identify problems in the early stages.

Digital dental X-rays allow us to assess your pet’s teeth and oral hygiene. Not sure if your pet needs dental care? We offer free dental evaluations. Ask us!

Therapeutic Laser Treatment

Our non-invasive advanced laser therapy promotes healing for pets in chronic and acute conditions, and stimulates the body to heal from within. Ask one of our doctors if laser therapy is right for your pet.