Certified Nutritionist

Sierra’s Certified Nutrionist

Dr. Sydney Gillam

A board certified veterinary nutritionist is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN). Veterinarians who are board-certified specialists in veterinary nutrition have gone through at least two years of training, including intensive clinical, teaching, and research activities. Trainees must also pass a two-day written examination in order to obtain board certification.

Board-certified specialists in veterinary nutrition are trained in the nutritional management of both healthy animals and those with one or more diseases. Nutrition promotes optimal health and performance, and is important to manage the symptoms and progression of diseases.

Board certified veterinary nutritionists are uniquely qualified to formulate commercial foods and supplements, formulate home-prepared diets, manage the complex medical and nutritional needs of individual animals, and understand the underlying causes and implications of specific nutritional strategies that are used to prevent and treat diseases.